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About ARIJ Annual Awards

The year 2022 marks the ARIJ 13th annual awards, which honours Arab journalists who took on scathing criticism, faced reluctant sources, and risked retaliation, to bring to light corruption and injustice in their societies. The ARIJ Awards acknowledge the integrity and professionalism of these journalists; setting benchmarks for future generations to model. The awards are nonpartisan and independent of all factions, organisations, political parties, corporations, labour unions, religions or causes beyond investigative reporting itself.

In short, ARIJ honours unfettered truth-telling. Ten Finalists will reach the top and compete to be one of three winners to be announced on December 4, 2022, ARIJ annual forum closing ceremony, in front of the award-winning journalists and distinguished leaders in the field. The awards are open to all Arab journalists. The deadline to enter was August 31.

Submissions must be in Arabic and produced and/or written by an Arab Journalist. Entries are judged on their content, creativity, and impact. 

Here are the awards: 

Best Arab Investigation – Gold Award

Best Arab Investigation – Silver Award

Best Arab Investigation – Bronze Award

Awards Announcement Timeline


To be announced

Assad Taha

Journalist and Filmmaker

Assad Taha is an Egyptian journalist and documentary filmmaker. He was born in Suez, Egypt in 1956. Taha started his career in print journalism, and later, he worked in radio and television as a correspondent in conflict zones. Taha specializes in the production of documentaries and storytelling.

Abeer Saady

Media Development Consultant

Abeer Saady is a media development consultant, researcher, safety trainer, and war correspondent with 29 years of professional experience in conflict and crisis zones Abeer published several books on journalism, safety of journalists, media ethics, and media strategy of extremists groups.  Abeer was awarded a Masters degree in Diversity and Media from University of Westminister in the United Kingdom.

Imad Musa


Imad Musa is a Palestinian-American journalist who worked as a correspondent for several news agencies, including Associated Press and Reuters, in Jerusalem. He joined Al Jazeera English upon its launch in 2006. For several years he was the editor in chief of Currently he’s the Executive Producer of a weekly talk show based in Washington, “The Bottom Line.”

Dr. Zahera Harb

Journalist and Researcher

Dr Zahera Harb is the leader of International Journalism Studies at City, University of London. She served as a board member/trustee of the Ethical Journalism Network between 2015 to 2022. She was a broadcast Journalist in her native country Lebanon, where she worked for local and international news organisations.

Lyas Hallas

Investigative Journalist

Lyas Hallas is an Algerian investigative journalist and the co-founder and executive editor of the Algerian online portal Twalai. He began his career in journalism in 2006 as a reporter at the French-language daily Le Soir d’Algérie, writing about politics, culture, sports and more before specialising in economics. Hallas has worked for a number of newspapers such as: Maghreb Emergent and Liberté. Since 2016, he has worked as a reporter based in Algeria for a number of French media outlets such as Mediapart, Le Monde and Libération. Hallas was part of a number of prominent investigations as Panama Papers, Pandora Papers, FinCen Files, and Secrets Suisses.

Screening Committee

Munir Al-Khatib

Editor In-Chief

Munir Al-Khatib is a highly experienced journalist and media consultant with over 24 years of experience as an editorial leader..

Hoda Osman

Executive Editor

Hoda Osman has worked at the ABC News Investigative Unit, with CBS News Investigative Unit, as a correspondent for France24…

Bissane El-Cheikh

Executive Editor

Bissane El-Cheikh has worked with Al-Hayat newspaper where her main focus was field reporting and investigative journalism…

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