Fadwa Kamal manages “”Engage””, an ICFJ and Meta Journalism Project program Training Journalists and Creators in the MENA Region on best practices in Storytelling, Video Reporting, Data Journalism, and Audience Development and Engagement. With over ten years of experience in project management and community development for international organizations and institutions, she also Manages the Arabic community of ICFJ via the ICFJ Pamela Howard Forum on Global Crisis Reporting and the implementation of “”Resilience,”” an ICFJ-TSI Mental Health Program for Arabic-Speaking Journalists, under the auspices of the ICFJ Forum. The initiative highlighted the importance of mental health and well-being for media industry workers and provided crucial Arabic resources for journalists. Fadwa is a Lecturer of Data Journalism, Digital Media at the University Of Ibn Tofail-Kenitra, Morocco, where she was part of a pilot launch of the Bachelor of Arts in Media entrepreneurship in 2021 the Masters of Arts in New Media and Digital Marketing in 2022. Outside of her expertise in Media, Fadwa holds a master’s in European studies from the College of Europe-Poland, an MSc in international political economy from The University of Aberdeen-Scotland, and an MA in auditing and management control from the National School of Business and Management-Morocco. She also holds a university certificate in international human rights law from Beirut Arab University-Lebanon.