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Why “Defending Independent Media”?

In the past few years, journalists have been facing more and more difficulties. Restrictions on freedom of expression have been on the rise, and many journalists had to pay a high price for their efforts to expose corruption and wrongdoings. Journalists have been a target of physical, psychological and digital threats. Not only in the Arab world, but worldwide.

ARIJ 15th Forum focused on discussing ways and means for minimising the challenges and difficulties faced by journalists, especially freelance journalists, so that they can produce more investigative reporting, verify information, and support whistleblowers. We are always keen on promoting the three pillars of our 2022-2025 strategy: empowerment, networking, and innovation.

ARIJ22 Annual Forum was held under the theme “Defending Independent Media”, to call for achieving more accountability, and promoting people’s right to access verified information wherever they are.

ARIJ22 Playlist

Journalists and fact checkers participated at 29 sessions about investigative journalism,
fact checking and skills required by today’s journalists at the ARIJ 15th Annual Forum

Our partners at #ARIJ22

Our partners at #ARIJ22 who took part in ARIJ’s Forum 2022

and helped us create a legacy of impact

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